Hey guys! It would be awesome if you could check out my new song “BURN” from my solo project “Kalico.” I’ve always made music for myself and rarely ever share it with the world. Cheers!

Elated I was as the sun peeked,
Out from her oding hair,
A gentle gaffer leaked,
Its golden glare through the air.

Though old and wise,
She sang celestial hymns,
Of times gone by,
To weave her childs chin.

I was she,
She was me.
Drawn out of infinity.

She pressed her lips,
In back my neck,
A loving peck,
Adorned an atom speck.

The more she glistened,
She heaved a tired pant,
At last, the sun burnt out,
And, well, that was that.

Pain as a building block. Not a solvent.